Journal Articles

"Comparative Desert Vs. Fairness," forthcoming in Law and Philosophy. (Submitted version; the published version is here.)

What Makes a Person Liable to Defensive Harm?” forthcoming in Philosophy and Phenomenological Research. (Submitted version; the published version is here.)

Self-Defense Against Multiple Threats,” Journal of Moral Philosophy, 14 (2) (2017): 125-133.  (Featured on Pea SoupJuly 21-23, 2017.)

Why More Choice is Sometimes Worse than Less,” Law and Philosophy, 36 (1) (2017): 25-44. (Link is read only; the downloadable version is here.)

Luck, Love, and Extreme Skiing: Distributive Injustice without Unfairness,” Moral Philosophy and Politics 3 (1) (2016): 119-133

Can Comparative Desert Do without Equality?” Philosophical Papers 44 (2) (2015): 189-205

Whom Should We Enhance? The Problem of Altering Potential,” Journal of Moral Philosophy 12 (6) (2015): 731-753


Book Reviews

Review of Ethics Without Intention by Ezio Di Nucci, Australasian Journal of Philosophy 94 (4) (2016): 837